Youngstars is based on a biblically holistic worldview and understanding of mankind. From this understanding, our methodology is holistically oriented to assist people in their day-to-day challenges and to help them grow in their relationship with God and fellow human beings.


Maturing through experience and action

However, growth and maturity are not the same. One does not attain maturity by acquiring theoretical knowledge, nor does it happen automatically. Maturity requires the involvement of the whole person, especially of the heart, as it is understood to be the center of the person in the Old Testament. Maturity is the result of personal commitment and active engagement with God, one’s neighbor, oneself and the environment. A mature person is characterized by intact relationships, individual views and values, ​​and the ability to adequately apply acquired knowledge in everyday life. Maturity happens through change on the inside, which becomes visible to the outside in everyday actions.


Discipleship and “lived faith” are holistic – which is why our programs are experience-oriented. They are holistic and action-oriented in order to promote character, value formation and service to others.


From this understanding, Youngstars carries out its events by creating a framework that promotes personal initiative and interaction with God, others, and nature. In the so-called “unified program”, the individual program parts are merged to form a unified whole that conveys the same biblical message. Games, crafts, and other program elements are selected and arranged to help convey the biblical message.


Our experience-oriented programs involve the whole person with heart, head and hand. Participants should identify with what they hear and put it to practical use. So they learn in model situations and in practical life contexts and can then transfer these experiences to their world. Our programs challenge people to be active, to find solutions to problems and to develop their own beliefs and values. This helps to develop potential and widen personal boundaries.


Youngstars challenges people, empowers and supports them in unfolding their God-given potential and in actively shaping their world.


Changed people will change the world.