1953: The first Youngstars groups are formed in Switzerland ((Jungscharen in Winterthur and Wil)

1964: The first training sessions are held

1975: The Federation of Protestant Swiss Youngstars (Bund Evangelischer Schweizer Jungscharen) (BESJ) is founded as a national association

1982: The first Youngstars group is formed in Austria (Jungschar Bregenz)

1986: Start of the first Youngstars group in Spain

1987: First training sessions in Austria

1992: The task force Bible-oriented Austrian Youngstars (Bibelorientierter Österreichischer Jungscharen) (ABÖJ) is established as a national association.

1999: The Juropa network is launched aiming to promote the formation of Youngstars groups throughout Europe.

2001: Beginning of international courses and coaching work

2004: Start-up of pioneer work in Romania

2004: The “Juropa” Association is established to support Youngstars operations in Europe

2005: Start-up of pioneer work in Bulgaria

2009: Start-up of pioneer work in Spain

2010: The Youngstars Association “Micii Exploratori” is established in Romania

2011: YoungstarsWiki goes online


2012: In Poland the Youngstars Ministry starts, with two courses and a summer camp.

2014: At the international meeting of national leaders NCM in Spain the international network “Youngstars international” is founded.

2014: Start-up of pioneer work in Moldavia

2014: Start of official collaboration with the organisation “Nasledie” in Ukraine and pioneer work.

2015: The Youngstars Association “Jungstars Espania” is established in Spaini

At present the federation comprises six national Youngstars Organisations as well as five pioneer clubs.